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Swadeshi Siri

Mr. Mahesh founder of Swadeshi Siri Udyog has vision to provide good quality and tasty snacks access to people across India and overseas. He was instrumental in establishing distributions for well known sweet and snacks brand of Karnataka. His journey in this industry started with single delivery route management of Thakur pedha. Then with his talent he started managing distributions across Karnataka. Later he was given task to oversea the operations of manufacturing unit. These experiences helped him become knowledgeable individual of the food industry.
Now he has embarked on the journey to create his own presence in the sweet and snacks business via Swadeshi Siri Udyog venture. He is accompanied with well experienced people from same industry.  Swadeshi Siri Udyog has good access to quality ingredients and has setup manufacturing unit having #### Sqft space in Hubli. With experienced team of manufacturing and distribution they are aiming to reach every household in Karnataka by 2025.
Mr. Mahesh is believer of make in India. He is driven to make Swadeshi a global brand. Swadeshi team are continuing their efforts to promote Swadeshi brand on international forums with the help of Govt of India.

Swadeshi Siri


We give the proper attention to maintaining hygiene throughout the process, which helps customers sustain their health condition after eating the Namkeen.

Make the thing Anything is Possible

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Swadeshi siri

Professional staff

 Uniqueness of Swadeshi brand is having people worked in the food industry for more than 10 years of experience. We take pride in ensuring each and every step of snacks preparation is done with extreme care. We believe in providing best customer services through our professional, well-trained, and well-versed staff.

Our Quaity

No Artificial Additives:

One of the defining features of organic sweets is the absence of artificial additives, preservatives, and flavorings. Instead, these sweets rely on the natural flavors and textures of the organic ingredients, allowing the true essence of the components to shine through.

Good quality & Premium Taste

Swadeshi Siri Udyog has always become popular due to its quality. We always try to choose the high-quality raw material to create the best quality product because our main aim is customer satisfaction.
The snacks you enjoy are prepared by the best workers in the industry. We always use the premium quality of ingredients to offer the best of quality and an authentic premium taste.
Always Quality

Our Talented Chefs

S.S Hiremath
Everything We Pizza, We Pizza With Love. Designer Fastfood.
Jay Deep
Everything We Pizza, We Pizza With Love. Designer Fastfood.
Rahul Deep
Everything We Pizza, We Pizza With Love. Designer Fastfood.

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