Diwali is incomplete without soan papdi; what makes this humble dish so popular in India?

“Soan papdi is simpler to make compared to other sweets. A lot of milk sweets require elbow grease,” says Kurush F Dalal, archaeologist and culinary anthropologist

It is known around the world that Indians are big foodies. And while there are different kinds of food lovers — some like savoury dishes and others like to devour desserts — there is one particular dish that is relished across the length and breadth of the country by people possessing different palates, particularly around this time of the year.

Yes, we are talking about the humble soan papdi, which is a festive-favourite. Diwali is when people like to gorge on this sweet dish that is also exchanged as friends and family members meet each other to offer festive greetings.


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